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News for the New India

Development is like a chain reaction; the very talk of it enthuses positive energy in people and strengthens the progressive spirit. The more you talk about good things happening around and development work, more will be the people’s commitment to building a stronger and better India. Vikas Ki Baat was conceptualised based on the principle of spreading the truthful account of development happening in India, the positive news and views to people.

Vikas Ki Baat is a dedicated portal for collection and dissemination of development-oriented works and actions covering social, political, economic, cultural, financial, infrastructural and sports aspects. The idea is to break the misconception and myths Inspired by the forever critics who are out there to stop the progress momentum of India.

Inspired by the catalytic role played by ‘Mann Ki Baat’ of PM Narendra Modi Ji; the team of Vikas Ki Baat wishes to engage people in a positive dialogue. India being a superpower and progress hub of the world, there exists a stronger need for progressive & positive information to create a mindset of hope and enthusiasm through the truthful presentation.

Vikas Ki Baat is meant to fulfill the vacuum that exists between truth and misconception. It’s a group of passionate and patriotic people who realise that there is no dearth of Progressive News but an acute shortage of people and channels talking about it!

We live in the age of information; the right kind of information empowers. VKB aspires to build a healthy mindset in India where empowered citizens take informed decisions and are inspired by the right things happening around.

VKB aims to bridge the gap between what is being done in reality and what is being told to the people. The choice of digital media for this venture is so apt. Everyday a lot of people start their day surfing for the News and Views on their social media profiles.

So as our Progressive nation marches ahead on the road of development, Vikas Ki Baat ensure people’s participation through positive information and conversation.


Vikas Ki Baat believes in the power of positive and accurate information. It stands for Development Journalism highlighting all that needs support and information dissemination. It envisions using Freedom of Speech and Expression to build a ‘New India’; an India that fights the clutter of false information and propaganda. Our vision is to be the most trustworthy News and information provider on the basis of truthful, accurate, unbiased, relevant and progress-oriented News to the people at the right time. And we mean to put in action every word of the vision mentioned here.


Vikas Ki Baat aims –

  • To be the credible name when it comes to any News or Information about India and the developmental work
  • To disseminate information and curate content with utmost truthfulness and accuracy
  • To maintain highest standards of professionalism as the world of News and Journalism is the world where opinions are formed and influenced
  • To take ahead India’s development journey by focusing on initiatives like Mann Ki Baat, Make In India, Swachch Bharat etc.
  • To use using state-of-the-art technology to ensure fast and first and most accurate news delivery
  • To be the flag bearers of Development Journalism fighting negative propaganda across all digital channels
  • To contribute in building a New India and a healthy, empowered, peaceful and information-rich society.

What Vikas Ki Baat is all about?

  • Respect – We stand out in the crowd of News portals and information channels as the dignified one! Respect for the nation and the nation builders is our guiding principle.
  • Teamwork – A team to select, edit and funnel the right and truthful account of all events happening around so that nothing reaches you uncooked or with mistakes.
  • Commitment – Truth and nothing else; that’s the commitment of Vikas Ki Baat
  • Listening – We listen to people’s sentiments and grievances. We engage with people. It is not about just bombarding people with information; VKB will also work out channels to voice people’s views to the policy makers
  • Transparency – People would not need to see what goes behind the scenes of Vikas Ki Baat as this portal will maintain full transparency
  • Creativity – We make News interesting and informative. More infographic, more clarity and more research done before the accurate information is served to you.

What Vikas Ki Baat is NOT

  • Fire & Forget – We would never put a News without taking the responsibility for it completely
  • Propaganda – We are not here to please any anti-India people or organizations. We are here to talk plainly about development and progress
  • Sensationalization – Most news portals put fake News or sensational stuff just to gain attention or create panic; we would never do it
  • Junk News – Some people consider an information NEWS only when it is junk; Vikas ki Baat is not about Bad News

Team behind Vikas Ki Baat

Three cheers for the three progress minded professionals.

Patriotic and Passionate – that’s what created the bond between three people who conceprualized Vikas Ki baat one Sunday morning while listening to PM Narendra Modi Ji’s Mann Ki Baat.

Vikas Chopra, a Software Engineer with 12 years of experience in digital technologies is a techno-wizard with a quick wit for words. His interest in all that’s happening in India made him run social media success stories like Chinta Mukti Page. Take a look at the page for a sneak peak of his talent.

Sumit Vohra, a professional Hardware Engineer with 15 years of experience and currently working in an MNC, is another India-India guy who is so positive that India is going to shine brighter and bolder in years to come. He holds the vision that News should fairly reflect New India and serve the people giving them a hope of better tomorrow. He wants to spark that transformation through Vikas Ki Baat.

Vivek Bansal, the third and the youngest one in the group is a Software Engineer. Currently running a company (AppWebStudios) for last 6 years, he has always wanted to be an outstanding citizen by providing innovative solutions to the information confusion happening through social media. He aims to shatter negative stereotypes about the governance model of India and wants to show how incredible India is!

Three of them are working together, united by their love for India. India’s Vikas Ki Baat, in ke saath!